1.Team forming:
external image team_up.png
I created groups of three people, the numbers of students in each group is less comparing to other schools’ groups. The reason why is that the numbers of our classes is maximum 16 students in all class , I mixed students who are good at English with students who are less good in order to let them help each other for a good cooperation. I grouped them via team up and introduced them team up tool, how to use it and record their comments too, and I took their photos by one by for team up, It was a very good way to group the students (avoiding best friend groups) that gave them to chance to collaborate with students with them they had never studied together and helped each other before, It was a good way get to know each other better about their learning abilities. As for choice of topics After a short brain storming students decided to choose their topic taking our learning story into their consideration. Hopefully They were happy to work with each other as well.
2.Ad-hoc collaboration
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I added my students to ITEC Student collaboration group Facebook and twitter ; so they had the chance to discuss their experience of participating in the project with students from other classes online as much as possible and to share their ideas,materials ,wikispaces, blogs etc.. with other schools I also left a post about our wish to collaborate with European schools on Promethean Planet and I followed all posts and info. about itec project Unfortunately ;some of my students don’t have any account neither in facebook nor in twitter ;so I asked help from the parents and told about Itec project in order to let them get them accounts on these social sharing sites because According to our ‘Ministry of Education’ some web sites are forbidden including twitter, blogs and facebook with in the school Network and i motivated my students by collaborating with foreign students and expressed the importance of effectvive cooperation with foreign students who are outside of their social circle.As a last i Supported students in responding to queries and comments and sharing back if they receive something useful from others.
3. Learnıng oriented browsing:
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The students used the internet and they researched the web for additional material, tutorials, presentations. The teams used the internet to collect information about their topics and The teams prepared PowerPoint presentations ,proshows prezi,moviemaker etc. related to their topics and presented them to other teams in the classroom.After their presentations Their classmates asked questions about their topic in an interactive way and they responded to each question. English teacher guided the teams to find free links and to make puzzles,games, quizzes etc. Teams used internet to find links to make free online games and puzzles and simple quizzes related to the usage and form of the newly learnt point.Teacher guided the teams how to use diigo ,scratch and other online webtools such as Boolify, I think;When my students started to use internet and ICT tools in class,they didn’t feel like they have to work very hard,however they were very busy all the time.As last I evaluated the appropriateness of the sources that the students identified as relevant and reviewed the quality of annotations
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I created accounts in wikispaces,blogger,slideshare and we have started to share our daily activities with the public http://www.cepniprimaryschool-itec.blogspot.com/ http://cepniprimaryschool-afyon.wikispaces.com/ And I Instruced my students to record updates in the form of a newsflash, using the tone of a television or radio news reporter and let them know that each recording can only be 1 minute long i also encouraged the students to record short updates and share with the rest of the class, and after each activity. The students recorded short updates about their work progress. At the end of the project, students recorded an update summarizing all activities, explaining future steps, and mentioning problems that they overcame.

5.Peer feedbacking:
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I guided the students on how to use wiki space and asked the students to publish their presentations, viewed others’ Project and commented on , Students shared the presentations, games, puzzles etc. that they prepared via Picasa, Facebook, Google Sites , Twitter, Wikispaces. Testing the quizzes and games made by others and commenting on them took place after each session. Some of them were willing giving feedback via team up tool which were very constructiveAnd they viewed presentations or projects of other students and commented on them.I stressed the importance to accept criticism from others and value audience feedback ,to provide constructive criticism and i explained the meaning of peer feedback, including the need for critical but constructive comments.I also presented collected examples of constructive and non-constructive peer feedback. As last i asked students to also acknowledge comments others left on their project outcome and documentation, and to draw ideas for further development from them.

6. Information grouping
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I arranged large paper or post-its for students to group and stick their paper notes on and asked them to do the activity as much as they want. The teams grouped the information that they collected, online or sticked them on a large paper.Students used notepads of class too.They also used online webtools such as mindmaps-MindMeister, Bubbl.us. I professionally analyzed information collaboratively more in-depth understanding about their topic and recognized the most important points from a large amount of information , recognized relationships between findings , utilised conversation to make sense of data I think;my students did their best for this project activity.Some of them were very active.They were eager to prepare and share materials .
7-The results:
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The students prepared presentations, online quiz or the worksheet- Prezi, Sliderocket,Myna, Wikispaces, VoiceThread, Picasa, WordPress. The teams analysed the documents that were gathered. They revised all the flashnews again. Then, they decided which of the presentation format they prefered. I revised all the flashnews,comments again. According to the mental notes and the feedback from the others I evaluated the group Performance as well.By the way i spoke with the students about the production process, planned steps, and requirements. I guided students in planning and rehearsing their presentationsThis is our first ITEC project activity.Before joining in European project unions,my student didn’t want to come to my classes,because they found it difficult and boring to learn a second language.Now; I ‘ve noticed ;when my students use ICT in class,they really take pleasure of using different tools and technologhy