1.project reflections:

Firstly ,I did a search about web tools in order to use at our itec project and I tried to give importance of integration web 2.0 tools with curriculum.I gave all required information about our project to my students and explained them all steps including learning story and seven activities. My students started to do their best to use the internet and ICT tools. At first stage they were really eager to be part of this project. So they were actively involved with the project. But some of them have had some problems while using the internet, because our school is located in a small village and only a few students have computers and internet access at their homes. So After classes and lunchtime breaks I let them use computers of our school and I enlightened parents of my students about the project and process I asked help from our school’s director to support them as well .As far as I am concerned, in spite of all impossibilities about technological my students did their best and took great pleasure of being part of this lovely project. And they have seemed to understand the benefits of innovation-based education during the practice orientation.